IN THE NEWS … 1-By Design brings you the most up to date information that purely focuses on events that help those who are visually impaired.  We hope you will enjoy these events and happenings.

August 2019

Cambridge: 1-By Design Sailing for the Blind … 1-By Design an amateur sailing team dedicated to encouraging philanthropic activities for the blind through sailing events has teamed up with MIT’s start up to develop a digitally connected sail … click here to read more.

BBC Outlook: My dog guided me through the NYC Half Marathon ….You might catch him running through a park in Westchester County, just outside New York City. He’s confident, with a dog running alongside him … click here to read more.  This Blind Runner is the First to Complete the NYC Half Marathon Guided Only by Dogs …. Guiding Eyes for the Blind, based in New York, launched the Running Guides program to train guide dogs to run with the visually impaired runner… click here to read more.

The News Herald (Ohio): Puppy named after Willoughby training in Northeast Ohio to be service dog … Seemingly unaware of the life he could potentially change in the future, Willoughby is still in the first stages of his training to become a service dog … click here to read more.

Kingston Yacht Club:  Blind Fleet Racing World Championship … SI April 2019 BLIND SAILING UPDATE 2019 Blind Fleet Racing World Championships, Kingston Yacht Club, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 1st-8th September 2019 … click here to read more.