ABOUT US… 1-By Design is an amateur sailing team dedicated to encouraging philanthropic activities for the blind through participation in racing regattas and sailing events with the intention to create awareness and financial commitment for the Blind, Visually Impaired and their seeing Eye Canine Service Companions.

All training and races are sailed in one of two classes designed to an International Rule of Measurement that has been agreed to by a governing body for their specific class. Both classes demand the highest level of sailing experience, skill and athleticism, necessitating a well-rounded and fit crew.

The Box Rule division is a class where boats within the class are virtually the same. However, their design is such to allow for subtle changes to specified design areas. This enables fair competition between boats that rate in the class while retaining the freedom to experiment with the details of their designs to further enhance their speed and maneuverability.

The other class is a true One-Design class. In this class all design characteristics must be identical. This includes factors such as hull shape and length, displacement and draft as well as rigging and sail area. As such the only differentiating characteristic is the crew.

Our home is the renowned Narragansett Bay and Nantucket Sound which includes some of the most stunning cruising grounds on the entire East Coast. These waters have provided sailors with a long and continuing history that stretches back to the early century’s where Square Riggers and Clippers Ships ruled the waves. As boats under sail began their transition from one of utility and transportation to one of sport and recreation the grand shores of Narragansett Bay and Nantucket Sound provided a superb backdrop to yacht racing and sportsmanship in the truest since of the Corinthian spirit.


Team Principal
Scott Hines