ABOUT US… 1-By-Design is a One-Design amateur sailing team dedicated to encouraging philanthropic activities for the blind through participation in racing regattas and sailing events with the intention to create awareness and financial commitment for the Blind, Visually Impaired and their seeing Eye Canine Service Companions.

All training and races are sailed in a one-design class designed to the International rule. The division is a one-design class where boats within the class are virtually the same . This enables fair competition between boats that rate in the class while retaining the freedom to experiment with the details of their designs to enhance their speed and maneuverability.

For the Regattas’ Yachts typically utilize full racing sail, including maximum sized over-lapping genoas and spinnakers, where applicable. These regattas demand the highest level of sailing experience, skill and athleticism, necessitating a well rounded and fit crew.

John Charmer
Head of  Logistics

Team Principal
Scott Hines
Head of Sailing

Nancy Wright
Head of Shore Crew