ABOUT US … 1-By Design is a newly formed amateur sailing team whose mission is dedicated to encouraging philanthropic activities for the blind through participation in racing regattas and sailing events with the intention to create awareness and financial commitment for the Blind, Visually Impaired and their Seeing Eye Canine Service Companions. 1-By Design is a 501(3c) nonprofit organization.

OUR HOME … Stretches from the historic Charlestown Navy Yard to the renowned Narragansett Bay and Nantucket Sound which includes some of the most stunning cruising grounds on the entire East Coast. These waters have provided sailors with a long and continuing history that stretches back to the early centuries where Square Riggers and Clipper Ships ruled the waves. As boats under sail began their transition from one of utility and transportation to one of sport and recreation the grand shores of Narragansett Bay and Nantucket Sound have provided a superb backdrop to yacht racing and sportsmanship in the truest sense of the Corinthian spirit.

WHO DO WE SAIL FOR … Our beneficiaries are the visually impaired and their Seeing Eye Canine Service companions provided through Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Our mission is to support their efforts to provide Seeing Eye guide dogs to the blind and visually impaired. Your sponsorship supports our mission for them. 100% all contributions are used to support in the support of our mission.

WHAT IS THE COST TO RAISE A SERVICE DOG … The costs to raise a Seeing Eye service dog are approximately $75,000 to $100,000 to breed, raise, train and match a single dog to a visually impaired person. All Guiding Eyes for the Blind service dogs are provided free of charge. Given the extensive training and requirements for graduation only 3 to 4 out of 10 dogs will graduate to become a Seeing Eye guide dog. Dogs that are not able to move forward with the program go to families with autistic children. Again, free of charge.

CAN THE BLIND OR VISUALLY IMPAIRED SAIL … Yes. And they are welcomed with or without their service dog to sail with us. 1-By Design also supports Blind Sailing International (BSI) who have started a class of Fleet racing which provides visually impaired sailors with a level playing field where lack of sight is no longer a disadvantage. These sailors race on keel boats, anything from 22 to 30+ feet and race in teams of four people, two visually impaired and two sighted.

WHERE CAN I FIND MORE INFORMATION ON 1-By Design and Sailing for the Blind or Visually impaired … Please contact our Team Principal directly at Scott@1-ByDesign.com or go to our contact page 1-By Design Sailing for the Blind (www.1-bydesign.com/contact-1-by)

Team Principal
Scott Hines