Corporate Sponsorship…  Whether you are a sole proprietor, an entrepreneur, or corporation help us spread the word about our message and the importance of providing freedom to our core beneficiaries. 1-By Design depends on the support of individuals, corporations, foundations, and civic organizations to fulfill our mission. 1-By Design is an amateur sailing team dedicated to encouraging philanthropic activities for the blind and 100% all contributions are used in the support of our mission and commitment for the blind and their Seeing Eye Canine Service Companions.

If you are interested in having your employees participate in the funding effort please contact us and we will help your organization set up an employee (e.g. Crowd) funding platform. This can be a great way to get employees energized around a common goal and have fun doing it.

Corporate and Foundation Sponsorships:

+ 2 full days of class room work for Guide Dogs in training
+ Event Sponsorship and Name Recognition for Regatta Race Training

+ Co-sponsorship of a selected Guide Dog
+ 5 Full days of class room work for Guide Dogs in training
+ Event Sponsorship and Name Recognition for one full day of Regatta Racing

+ Exclusive Sponsorship of a selected Guide Dog and​ opportunity to name your Guide Dog
+ An invitation attend their graduation with special recognition at the ceremony
+ The opportunity to have a brief message printed in the graduation program
+ Event Sponsorship and Name Recognition for the full Racing Regatta

+ Special Programs for adaptive technology to support Blind and Visually Impaired Sailing
+ Working in conjunction with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and 1-By Design
+ Corporate Name and/or Logo Recognition on Main Sail for Regatta of choosing
* Please contact for additional project related detail

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